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Sharjah Cuisine

The cuisine in Sharjah is a testimony to the well-known culinary heritage of the region and overall Arabian culture. The local food of Sharjah is spicy that is served with fresh salads, grilled fish and meat, accompanied by dessert. Arabic cuisine is the main attraction of the food in Sharjah though other cuisines of the world are also catered in hotels and restaurants of the city.

Some of the delicious dishes of Arabic cuisine are mutabak, taratour, moutabel, koshary, um Ali, rocca, sayyadiya, sambusek, kouzi tahina, tabbouleh, shish taouk, seleek, shawerma, shaour, muhalabiyyah, musakhan, mubassal, melokhiyyah, mouhammara, mehshi, markok, makloubeh, mantou, ma'amul , lahma bi ajeen, loubia, labenah, laban, kufta and many more.

There are numerous restaurants throughout the city of Sharjah, especially concentrated in the areas like Corniche Road, Al Wahda Street, Al Qassimia Street, Rolla Square and Jamal Abdul Naseer Street.

Restaurants in Sharjah also serve all kinds of cuisine such as Continental, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Indonesian, Lebanese, French, Italian, Portuguese and many more.





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